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Rio T2 HEVC Soundbar

A soundbar with an integrated DVB-T2 decoder!

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General features:

Today's Flat LEDTV Pannels have impressive image quality, gorgeous slim designs, no frames... but it also means there is no space for good quality embedded speakers...  The Rio Digital Soundbar is the easiest way to enhance the audio performance of a Television and thanks to built–in Digital Terrestrial Decoding features, the experience is fully integrated and provides a full multimedia upgrade to all generation of Televisions, without too many separate devices, multiple remote controls and without cables!


Thanks to its 4 drivers, the Rio T2 soundbar will bring impressive 60W acoustic performance for your preferred movies and series  with optimal dialogue clarity. It’ll work with any Digital Terrestrial DVB T/T2 audio and video format running Free-to-Air services and in addition is compatible with latest HDR image improvement (optional).  


With the Rio T2 Soundbar, you will never miss the content you enjoy, for Terrestrial services its dual tuner and USB recording features allows you to watch / record different channel at the same time. For the fan of video games, OTT services or Pay TV, DVD player an extra HDMI input and Digital Optical is available to connect any such devices. 


Free time can be spent simply listening to music, audio books , personal playlist. Moreover the integrated Bluetooth 4.0 feature will make it simple to stream any audio music from your tablet or phone and enjoy it with full power. High performance Digital Signal Processing offers 4 equalisation presets: Movies / Sport / Neutral / Music


The full functionalities of this product, will simplify all installation of A/V equipment in front of your TV and keep a stylish decoration.


The easy installation process, user friendly User Interface and  Remote Control makes it the simpliest way to improve Audio performance and access to all Digital Terrestrial Services and Bluetooth streaming.

Software features:

Quick and Easy Installation

Multilingual Menu

Auto and manual scanning of Radio and Television

Up to 1000 channels

List of Favorite Channels

Automatic Channel Sorting (LCN)

Parental Control

Teletext and Subtitles

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Upgrade via Over the Air (OTA) or USB

Bluetooth Pairing 

Audio Effects via powerful DSP Equalizer


Broadcast Standard

DVB – T / T2 Free To Air

Frequency VHF 177.5MHz - 226.5MHz 

Frequenct UHF 474 MHz – 866 MHz

Demodulator  QPSK, 16QAM, 64 QAM, 256 QAM

DVB-T (EN 300 744)  DVB-T2 (EN 302 755)


Video Format

MPEG 1/2/4 , H.264, AVC, AVS, VC1, VP8,

HEVC Main 10, HDR HLCG Decoding

Resolution Maximal 1080p@50Hz

Output Format : 4 :3, 16 :9, Pan&Scan, Letterbox

Video System : Pal, Secam, NTSC


Audio Format

MPEF-1/2 layer I,II, III ; AAC ; Dolby®*  AC3

Stero / Mono / Left – Right

Frequency : 32,44,1,48 KHz


USB Port

Media player for personal content

Video / Audio / Photo supported

Software Upgrade by USB


Audio Input

Bluetooth 4.0

Analog Audio Line In Aux

Audio Optical

USB 2.0


Speaker  Drivers

Output 60 W 

2x 20 W Full Range Main + 2x10W Tweeter


Energy – Consumption

Standby < 0.5W

Maximum <75W

External Power Supply  Unit : EU Plug In

Input 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Output DV 5V 1.5A



Infrared Remote Control + batteries


HDMI 1.4 Cable

User Manual (Black&White print)


Working Conditions

Temperature 0°-45°

Humidity 5% -95% RH



Decoder 800x105x125mm

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